The Season of Champions

Spring's here, summer is on the way, and the Midnight team is really kicking into gear!

The development team has been working tirelessly through these past few cold winter months. The progress we made was great, even if we hardly got to step outside our doors, or see much of the sun.

But now spring has arrived. With the reemergence of the sun, we feel invigorated and more inspired than ever as we approach yet another important milestone. Alpha testing will begin this summer!

Already we've begun assembling a testing team who will help us ensure the game is in fine form upon release. We look forward to ironing out the kinks, squashing those pesky bugs, and refining every detail. It'll be a challenging time in the game's development, but delivering a game players deserve is definitely worth the hard work!

Have an excellent spring everyone! As always, stay tuned to our website and social media sites for future updates.