Midnight at the Celestial Palace: The Point-and-Click Musical.

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Justin here. I'm the writer, designer, and composer for Midnight at the Celestial Palace. You may have noticed that "interactive songs" is listed in the features for the game on the home page. I thought I'd elaborate on what exactly that means.

The best way of describing these songs would be to call them musical conversations. The player chooses from three or so line to sing at certain points in the songs and the characters sing those lines. However, these are more than just sung dialog trees, they're opportunities for the player to express their own emotions or thoughts about the situation, and have that expression affect the shape of the song.

An anthropomorphic Otter sneaks into Greg's apartment, wakes him up, and tries to convince him to come to a dreamworld. Would you express confusion? Wonder? Apathy? Depending on your choice, the music surrounding what is sung might turn dissonant, whimsical, or sparse respectively.  Then on to the next section of the song.

The are actually nine different versions of the first song in the game if you count all the lyric combinations. And quite naturally, we want you to hear them all. After you go through a song sequence, we'll allow you to skip back to that song at any time. Of course, we'd rather you just play the game over and over again until you hear all the different versions, then continue to replay it anyway because it's fun, but...some people have jobs. We get that.

Until next time.