Farewell to Dreamania

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We’d like to sincerely thank all of you who played and enjoyed Midnight: Chapter I. Since its release, we’ve received incredibly positive feedback from players and press alike. We were deeply humbled by the response, and our sincerest thanks goes out to everyone who played. It means so much to us that our years of hard work paid off in this regard, and that we were able to give adventure players an enjoyable, quality product.

However, even though it was well-received, Midnight: Chapter I fell well short of our expected sales numbers. We tried our best to gather interest in the game, well before and after launch, but unfortunately our efforts have not produced satisfactory results. It is with heavy hearts that we  announce that the Midnight at the Celestial Palace series has been shelved indefinitely.

We’d like nothing more than to continue the story as planned. But without proper funding and a large enough audience, creating a sequel is not justifiable or possible. We fully understand that this news will likely upset many, and deeply regret that things had to come to an end so abruptly.

If we ever have the means and opportunity in the future, we would love to join Greg and Squiggles on their adventures once more. But for now, we must say farewell to The Land of Dreamania. Hopefully we will return. Someday.



The Midnight at the Celestial Palace Team