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This first chapter of the game has over 20 voiced characters.

Pretty darn amazing, but then again, not really. Midnight is a game all about exploring a dreamworld, and you're bound to run into a lot of surprising folks during such journey. And a lot of them are...unconventional.

It's voice recording month here for the Midnight team, and that means a lot of work. Directing, balancing, cutting, rinse and repeat. It's arduous stuff, but the payoff will be incredible. It's no secret that modern adventure games these days, especially indie titles, can be hit and miss when it comes to the voice acting. I'm glad to report that this will not be the case with Midnight. We're getting blown away with the quality of performances from our actors, and we can't wait for everyone to hear these amazing characters our VO team have created.

That's it for now. It may be a while before the next news post. But when it comes, expect big news. We're totally excited, and we hope that you will be too.